Welcome to Eleanor’s Collectibles. Please browse and let me know if you have any questions.

I love to sew! I grew up in a family of all sisters and during a time that sewing was a necessity.  Money was scarce and any luxuries were not an option.  We learned to make do with what we had and recycled before recycling was, “the in thing to do”.

Over the years, I have accumulated thousands of patterns.  Maybe an addiction or maybe it was just out of habit of necessity.  What ever the reason, I discovered some had to go.  I started giving some of my patterns away to close friends and family.  Often times, we would exchange patterns. Sometimes they would ask if I had specific patterns and if I didn’t, I would, “be on the look out” for them.

This reinforced my addiction for collecting patterns.  Where to find them, how to find them, and how to organize and store them.  I have gotten to know a lot of great people along the way(this has been the most rewarding part) and one day, one of them said, “I have a friend that has been looking for a certain vintage pattern; she said she would pay if it could be found”.  This set me on a mission to find it for her.  To my surprise, when I found and presented it to her, she was so happy, she did pay me and then told me of another vintage pattern she was looking for.

This gave me the idea that there may be more people out there looking for specific vintage sewing patterns.  Thus, Eleanor’s Collectibles was created.  I put a lot of pride in the packaging  and care of the vintage patterns offered here and try to be very specific in descriptions posted.  My husband and I are now retired and love to search for vintage patterns and collectibles. We have sold items on ebay under Texas_Cowpoke since 2002 and are now offering items here as well.

If you can not find what you need here, let me know and I will look for it. Thanks for stopping by, best, Eleanor.